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Join us for a fun and effective alternative to traditional exercise or  addition to your workout routine.

We offer Nia, Dance, Breathing Meditation & Therapy.  Check out our Schedule to learn more. 

"Breathing Into It All" Sacred Circle

A life mastery program offering breathwork as the foundation with a variety of healing, spiritual & intuitive practices & experiences.

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Upcoming Classes
at Various Locations

Wednesday December 9, 2015

Breathing in Sacred Circle - NH

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Breathing In Sacred Circle

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Wednesday December 30, 2015

Breathing in Sacred Circle - NH

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Nia is the most advanced form of fusion fitness, blending martial arts and dance in a workout for anybody from beginner to high-power athlete.

“Nia makes me feel stronger, balanced, and reconnected to myself.” -Elizabeth P.

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Therapeutic Breathing

Your Breathing is Your Autobiography!  How do you sense your breathing right now?  Are you breathing shallow and thus barely living?  If there are ways that you would like to feel that you do not, consider changing your breath and you’ll change your life AND YOUR GENES!

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About the Owner

Lisa Jones is the owner of Nia NH and Yoga in Amherst, NH. She has been studying wellness and practicing yoga for more than 30 years.  She is an internationally accredited Breathing Therapist Practitioner and since 1998 has taught thousands of individuals and supported their journeys into the body/mind realm through her workshops and private sessions. She is committed  to building  breathing in sacred circle communities and adding to the ones she has currently established in NH, MA and RI.  Her belief is that when we breath consciously as a community the amount of healing that takes place is phenomenally amplified for individuals, their loved ones and the planet. 

Breathwork connections are what led Lisa to find the Nia technique and that first class left her determined to become a teacher to share this conscious way of exercising that is never boring and always leaves people feeling better. 

Lisa says, "I love the way breathwork and Nia set people free! . . ."                                                       She invites you to share the insights and joy that come from incorporating body, mind, and spirit into your wellness.

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